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How to learn that medicine deteriorated?

It is known that each medicine has the period of validity. During the specified period drug has sufficient medical efficiency and at the same time is safe for the person. The period of validity is a guarantee of the producer.
It is possible to learn a drug period of validity, having looked at packaging or a container. Near a series and number of party date of production and termination of a period of validity is designated. Responsibility about those effects which can arise after reception of expired drug is born only by the patient.
Where to store drugs?
Information on conditions, necessary for drug storage, can also be read in the summary or on packaging. In most cases drugs are stored at two temperature conditions – room (+17+22 degrees) or lowered (+5+15 degrees). If business concerns candles (suppositories), ointments and some drugs for injections, then they need to be stored in the refrigerator.
Allocate for drugs the certain place in the refrigerator. It is better if it is the isolated shelf or a compartment because the contact of drugs with foodstuff should be excluded completely. Perfectly the shelf on a refrigerator door will approach – there drugs will be cooled, and at the same time they are not threatened by freezing.
How to transport drugs?
Long disturbance of the recommended temperature condition including when transporting, involves drug damage. Efficiency of a medicine can not only decrease, its action can become unpredictable! In this regard those drugs which are stored at the lowered temperature can be transported only in the special cooling thermobag. First of all it concerns insulin and an inoculative material. Remember: the temperature difference is inadmissible!
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