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8 causative agents of an allergy to 1 percent of cases

Allergic reactions meet everywhere. Many people suffer from an allergy to flower pollen, household chemicals, some foodstuff or medicines. But there are some allergens which for most of us do not pose a threat at all. They are dangerous only in 1% of cases of allergic reactions. However, because of the rarity they do not become less heavy and exhausting for suffering.
Platinum and gold. The most widespread allergen among metals is nickel which often is impurity at production of gold and even platinum products. But the person can also have an allergy to pure gold. As a result of this reaction the clinic of the contact dermatitis which is followed by red pruritic rash and painful blisters develops.
Caviar. At the price in $345 for ounce, caviar of a beluga is one of the most expensive fish products in the market. But at some people the allergy to some types of fish caviar develops. This product is capable to cause dangerous allergic reactions, including an acute anaphylaxis.
Champagne. You heard about intolerance of alcohol? It appears, even the most expensive bottle of champagne can cause allergic reaction in the people sensitive to grapes, yeast or sulfites. Especially for such people the special types of champagne and other wines cleared of sulfites are developed.
Cashmere. Cashmere – very soft material, it is made of wool of special species of goats. Average diameter of these fibers cannot exceed 19 microns - about 0,0007 inches. But even the softest cashmere can be felt as a dry emery paper, causing a skin itch if the person has on it an allergy.
Holiday apartments . They can seem the beautiful place, but in the summer these houses can be the centers for allergens - pollen, insects and the sun.  
Truffles. At the price in $250 for ounce, fresh white truffle is the tsar of mushrooms. But it does not do it by an exception of allergy triggers.
Lobsters. It is known that mollusks are the reason No. 1 of food allergy at adults. And manifestations of allergic reactions on mollusks, such as lobsters, shrimps and crabs, can vary from a nose congestion to an anaphylaxis. 
Perfumery. Even the most expensive spirits and skin care products can cause allergic reactions because of chemicals which give them their aroma. In one aroma there can be more, than 26 allergens. The case when in one of colleges of Pennsylvania (USA) to students prohibited to use spray for Axe body is known after one of students suffered from allergic reaction to it.
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