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A set of weight at pregnancy

A set of weighttopical issue for the pregnant woman. However you should not go in cycles in it while you expect birth of the child. Simple advice will help you to keep this question under control.
Pay attention to correctly picked up food allowance: avoid some fast food and "empty" calories. Only thinkeverything that you eat influences your health and health of your kid. Too big set of weight can put pressure upon a back, worsen the physiological course of pregnancy and childbirth, aggravates a varicosity and increases risk of arterial hypertension.
First trimester. During the first trimester a set of weight is swept not so up, and against the background of toxicosis even weight reduction can be observed. Your growth, a constitution and weight before pregnancy influences alleged increase in weight. Remember that even if you carry twin or triplets, yours has to double or treble to spring. Eat often and gradually to hold normal weight and to reduce nausea in the first trimester. To keep the level of energy it is possible to have a bite seeds of pumpkin or sunflower, almonds and walnuts. The specified products contain useful oils, zinc, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium.
Second trimester. One of the most important microelements in the second trimester is calcium. Milkshake which can be made of skim milk, yogurt, banana and berries is rich with calcium. Do not worry if you feel that you gather too much or not enough weight. Just watch the food! Bad food can lead to the low body weight of the child at the birth that can cause some problems further. If you gathered more, than calculated, do not think that because of it the child will weigh more. You, but not the child, receive excess weight, the mass of the child more is defined by genetic factors.
Third trimester. During the third trimester you will gain weight quickly, needing in additional 200 calories a day. At this stage the child's brain therefore the omega-3 is recommended to eat the fat fish rich quickly develops. Make salmon salad, fish on a grill or fish cutlets - but no more than two portions of fat fish a week to avoid excessive intake of mercury in an organism. For increase in energy have a bite the Brazil nuts rich with selenium which helps to reduce risk of a preeclampsia, and nuts of cashew which are an iron source.

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