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Attention: serous meningitis


Serous (viral) meningitis, in difference from bacterial meningitis, is more widespread disease. Antibiotics are not effective in fight against a virus, and in mild cases the condition of the patient improves without any intervention. However patients with more expressed forms of serous meningitis demand hospitalization for observation and treatment. Ways of prevention of serous meningitis at children and adults are developed. Observance of these rules will increase your chances to avoid a meeting with the causative agent of serous meningitis, and first of all, enteroviral meningitis.

1. Observe careful hygiene – personal and family members. Teach children to the correct technology of washing of hands, remind of need of washing of hands before food. Accustom the children not to touch eyes, a mouth or a nose dirty hands, the main rule – processing of hands after return from the street. The virus getting through contact with the infected person so it is necessary to use the best efforts to avoid it becomes one of the main reasons for serous meningitis.

 2. Timely vaccination for decrease in probability of infection with a virus which can bring to serous to meningitis. While inoculations have side effects and do not vsegdarabotat, doctors to these will recommend to take root from a hemophilic infection, measles, epidemic parotitis, poliomyelitis, a meningococcal and pneumococcal infection as protection against meningitis which can be caused by the specified activators.

3. Provide daily cleansing of all surfaces in your house and office, including a bathroom, kitchen, a table, the keyboard and everything that is in contact with hands of people. This rule is very important during epidemic of serous meningitis. For this purpose use soap and hot water.

4. Support the immune system to help an organism to struggle with viruses and bacteria. Your immune system can quite prevent development of serous meningitis even in case of hit of an infection in an organism. Good food, a day regimen, a hardening – use all arsenal of increase in immune forces.

5. Immediately see a doctor if you suspect that you could catch serous meningitis. If the diagnosis is confirmed, timely treatment will be defining for an absolute recovery.


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